Material Management Systems

The Universal Grid Table System allows for a modular worktable. Section off areas of the table to concentrate your vacuum hold-down system while also giving you the capability to use vacuum pods in a universal format.

Universal Grid Table System

Built right into the machining table, these roller balls raise and lower to facilitate material transfer to and from the machining table reducing operator fatigue and allowing for more productivity with your KOMO CNC Machining Center. Available on Composite and Aluminum Universal Grid tables.

Integrated Pop-Up Rollerball System

The Manual Material Handling System gives you an economical option for increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. The system gives you the ability to control cycle start and cycle stop from either side of the machine for complete flexibility and control.

Manual Material Management System

The KOMO Multiloader Material Management System creates a high productivity work cell for your moving table machining center. Load new material, clean the spoilboard and remove machined parts all in one pass. Expansion units create a multi-bunk work cell for the management of a variety of materials.

Multiloader Material Management System

The KOMO Automatic Material Handling System 2.0 is a fully automatic sheet feeder and unloader designed to be used on KOMO 510/512 single moving table machines in nested based manufacturing environments.

With the ability to load from three sides and a compact footprint, this single bunk system increases operational flexibility and makes the best use of available shop floor space.

Automatic Material Management System 2.0.

Create a high productivity work cell with the KOMO Automatic Material Handling System. Load new material, clean the spoilboard and remove machined parts all in one pass with a 30 second cycle time*. Automatic Material Handling System available in a multiple bunk configuration for different materials.

Available on 510/512 single moving table KOMO Machines.
*Cycle time dependent on weight of material that is being transferred.

Automatic Material Management System

Add the Automatic Outfeed Conveyor System to your Automatic Material Handling System. The conveyor brings the machined parts to the edge of the conveyer while photo eye sensors prevent parts from going over the edge. Add safety and increased productivity to the Automatic Material Handling System work cell.

Automatic Outfeed Conveyor System

The Roller Hold Down system has four robust rollers controlled by pneumatic cylinders that keep constant pressure on the material, usually plywood, giving you the ability to cut multiple sheets in a single pass.

Roller Hold Down System