Solution Wide Series CNC Machining Center

Solution Wide Series CNC Machining Center

The Solution Wide Series of CNC routers from Komo Machine, Inc. has been developed specifically for the customer who requires more table width than a Solution XL. These machines feature a moving gantry configuration with table sizes available up to 144″ (3658mm) in the Y axis and 110′ (33,000mm) in the X axis.

Solution Wide Series CNC Machining Center
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  • Four-pole, 18HP (13.2kw), 24,000 RPM, HSK 63F, fan-cooled spindle
  • 12 position automatic tool changer with aggregate capability
  • Air blast for optimal dust/chip evacuation and cooling of the cutting tool
  • Dual helical rack drive on X/U axes with synchronous axis control
  • Tool touch-off device with automatic tool data uploading
  • Fanuc Panel i control with HVI servo system and integrated PC
  • Universal grid fixture table available in composite (standard) or aluminum (option)
  • Pressurized automatic centralized lubrication system
  • Komo Production Manager with Intelligent Spoil Board Management
  • 17″ touch screen display


  • FEA “Finite Element Analysis” engineered structure
  • Heavy-duty steel fabrication
  • Closed-loop counterbalance system minimizes plant air consumption

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    Solution Wide Series Technical Data


    Type…..18HP (13.2kw), four-pole, fan cooled

    RPM…..Up to 24,000, fully programmable

    Taper…..HSK 63F

    812…..96″ x 144″ (2438mm x 3658mm)
    1012…..120″ x 144″ (3048mm x 3658mm)
    1212…..144″ x 144″ (3658mm x 3658mm)
    Available up to 144″ x 110′ (3658mm x 33,000mm)
    Four (4) 1″ (25mm) part location pins
    Aggregate-Capable Tool Changer

    Max Quantity…12 tools

    Max Diameter……3.25″ (82mm) positions full; 6.5″ (165mm) adjacent positions empty

    Max Weight….12 lbs each / 80 lbs (total) (5.4kg / 36.4kg)

    Max Length…..5″ (127mm)

    Feed Rate/TraverseX Axis…..2100ipm (53.5mpm)

    Y Axis…..2300ipm (58.5mpm)

    Z Axis…..1200ipm (30.5mpm)

    Acc/Dec…..83.3 in/sec2

    Axis Travels812…..155″ (3937mm) x 116″ (2946mm) x 10″ (254mm)

    1012…..155″ (3937mm) x 140″ (3556mm) x 10″ (254mm)

    1212…..155″ (3937mm) x 164″ (4165mm) x 10″ (254mm)

    Other…..Optional 17.7″ (450mm) Z travel is available

    Control SystemFanuc Panel i…..With integrated PC and 17″ touch screen display
    Dust Collection
    Interface…..6″ (152mm) diameter (recommended volume 900 cfm)
    Vacuum SystemWith low vacuum sensing interface
    Tooling Package…..Tool holders, collets, bench top tool changing block, wrench
    Vacuum Pumps…..Started via pushbutton on main operator panel, with remote start relay
    Boring Blocks…..Available in a variety of configurations, from nine to 25 spindles
    Part Labeling…..Print labels directly onto parts prior to machining
    Safety Equipment…..Laser scanners, light curtains, pressure mats
    Dual Screen…..Additional 17″ screen attached to the control allows for flexibility
    Mist Coolant…..For cutting non-ferrous metals
    C Axis…..Allows use of aggregate tooling, for four axis machining capability