Application Support

KOMO provides the assistance and expertise to get the most from your CNC machine.

KOMO Machine, Inc. is dedicated to providing the industry’s best CNC machine tool support and committed to working with you to create the most innovative solution for your production needs. With KOMO machines available at the Lakewood, NJ headquarters, our Applications Experts can demonstrate production of your exact parts. The creation and execution of programs, loading tools, holding parts and assembling completed units can all be performed in our Demonstration Room. We also maintain an inventory of materials from wood to metal to plastics and composites, with which we can demonstrate the diverse applications of KOMO CNC machines.

A variety of software and hands-on training classes are offered to refine the skills of a seasoned CNC veteran or teach a new employee all they need to know to safely operate a KOMO machine. We can even come to your facility to perform customized onsite training.

Application Engineers can be reached during business hours to discuss any issues that you may have in regards to tooling, fixturing, programming or processing.  CAD files and CNC programs can be examined for flaws or even run on our demo machine to determine an issue.  We can also connect to your machine remotely to diagnose and remedy some of the simpler issues.

All support begins with a phone call to 1-800-255-5670.

Application Support