Service Programs

On-Site Preventive Maintenance

Today’s demanding production schedules require your equipment to operate at peak efficiency all the time. Your customers want to reduce their inventory but when they need your product, they want it immediately. Missed delivery days can result in stiff penalties or loss of business. Machine availability is important to the success of your business. KOMO’s Service Programs fulfill that need.

One of the elements necessary to help ensure machine availability is regular maintenance. Performance of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance should be a priority. Not only will it help keep your machine in production, it may result in a higher trade or resale value. In addition, you will have verifiable maintenance records which help to validate warranty claims.

KOMO’s Preventive Maintenance Program can assist you with required maintenance. Enrollment in a program can reduce your need for additional maintenance personnel or the time your operator spends periodically maintaining the machine.

Through the Preventive Maintenance Program, a KOMO factory-trained technician will ensure that all required maintenance is performed correctly and that the latest factory-recommended procedures are followed.

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On-Site Maintenance Training

If you recently purchased a new or used KOMO machine or just simply want to provide a “refresher” for your in-house maintenance personnel, KOMO’s On-Site Maintenance Training is for you.

KOMO’s experienced technicians will train your maintenance personnel on the proper procedures and documentation needed to keep your machine running at 100% productivity.

This training will cover the factory certified maintenance procedures, documentation, maintenance schedule and any other questions related to the maintenance of your KOMO CNC machining center.

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Machine Inspection Program

KOMO’s Machine Inspection Program is offered to provide a quick affordable “check” of the condition of your machine(s). A written diagnostic report of your machine’s condition can pinpoint focus areas for your maintenance procedures and lead to a reduction or elimination of unplanned outages. Whatever your needs, KOMO can help!

With the KOMO Machine Inspection Program a factory-trained Service Technician will perform a prescribed list of checks on your machine. Relatively quickly and in an effort to reduce downtime, a KOMO technician will be able to observe and evaluate the critical functions or your equipment, providing you with a documented summary. KOMO can recommend measures you may want to consider to keep the machine performing at an optimal level. Use this program with your current machine or evaluate a used KOMO machine that you are considering purchasing.

With the Machine Inspection Program KOMO will inspect your machine from top to bottom. Utilizing the latest technology and procedures, a KOMO factory-trained technician will inspect the machine and provide answers to any of your questions. KOMO can recommend measures you may want to consider to keep the machine performing at an optimal level, resulting in fewer unplanned outages.

If you want a fast, inexpensive method to be aware of the current condition of your machine, consider KOMO’s Machine Evaluation Program or if you want an in-depth analysis of the status of your machine, consider KOMO’s Machine Inspection Program.

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